The Return of Caramba Cafe: Part One

downtown Atlanta Mexican foodDon’t you hate it when your favorite restaurant closes? Many felt that way last summer, when, after 22 years, the incredibly popular Virginia-Highland Mexican restaurant Caramba Café closed because of problems with its lease. But from the get-go, our fears were assuaged by the promise that Caramba Café was due to re-open at a new location further intown. Tomorrow at the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops, the Caramba phoenix will rise again!

Owned and operated by the Prieto family since 1988, Caramba has long offered friendly family-style ambiance with spectacular, authentic Mexican food and locally famous margarita and tequila offerings. It’s been the sort of restaurant that gains–and keeps–a regular clientele. Their old space was popular, especially on weekends, and could get a little crowded, with the Prietos running around with margaritas for the throng of customers. Fortunately, the new space is a cool 2300 square feet, with lots of breathing room.

Fans will still be able to get their much-missed fajitas, quesadillas, tacos, and other Mexican favorites, plus their daily specials like enchiladas in mole sauce. Additionally, it looks like the spacious new bar will have a lot more room for those of us who prefer to drink our calories in the form of their magnificent margaritas.

So concludes Part One. Next week, your intrepid reporter will be visiting Caramba Café for dinner at its new location and will eat her own weight in chiles rellenos at the downtown Atlanta Mexican restaurant. Yes, I know. My life is so hard. Stay tuned for the details folks!

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