The Return of Caramba Cafe: Part Two

Last week, we covered the much-anticipated reopening of the beloved Caramba Cafe in its new space at the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops. This week, we got to cover it in more depth…that is to say, we got to eat and drink there on its one-week anniversary. Blogging isn’t so bad, huh?

We came by for lunch and were impressed with the chic, modern layout of the new space. Not only is the new bar super-cool and ready to stand up to the demands of the margarita-demanding throng, but the whole place feels much more open and comfortable. Above, see as the inimitable Mia shows off their fantastic new bar before making me one of her locally-famous margaritas. She told me how excited they are about the new space, how great the location is, and how supportive their old fans are about this move up in the world.

Best Margarita in Atlanta

While we were there, we watched as old and new fans of Caramba filed in for lunch at the bar and the many cozy tables; most of the crowd seemingly couldn’t resist the call of the Mia-rita, and who can blame them? It might be cold outside, but this combination of fresh lime juice and your choice of tequila will warm you right up. Hoo boy!

Best Atlanta Chile Relleno

Of course, we weren’t just there to imbibe mid-day, although the complimentary chips and salsa were an awfully good accompaniment. The menu looked delectable with all the traditional Mexican favorites just aching to be ordered. One of my dining partners ordered the huevos rancheros and some extra hot sauce from Mia’s mom, our waitress.¬†Neither the eggs nor the incredible, spicy habanero salsa that came back disappointed. Both my other dining partner and myself were intrigued by something on the “lighter” menu, a chicken- or cheese-stuffed poblano pepper smothered in red sauce and cheese, with beans and rice on the side. We both pulled the trigger on chicken and were very impressed. This was one tasty chile relleno!

Of course, there is a downside to food this delicious and margaritas this tasty for lunch…after getting back to the office it was hard to talk about anything else. So, be forewarned, if you want the best¬†Atlanta Mexican food, come on down to the new intown, but you might just lose a few hours in bliss. YUM.

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