Top 5 Reasons to Live in Intown Atlanta

Recently, some OTP friends of ours started bad-mouthing city-dwellers, saying that the die-hard ITP folks are stuck-up, immature kids who eventually will “grow up” and move to Kennesaw (or wherever else). To that, we say “no way!” and want to share the top five reasons why we love living deep inside the heart of the ATL. Represent!

  1. The restaurants! It’s no coincidence that some of the best food is downtown…from the best BBQ to the best breakfast to the best Greek food to the best margaritas in Atlanta, it’s here! Sure, there are some good restaurants outside the perimeter, but there are also way too many chain restaurants for our blood. No, I like being able to walk a few minutes and get something independently made by hand that’s delicious and unique.
  2. The history! The suburbs have been around as long as Atlanta, but not much happened there until recently. Whereas in Atlanta, everywhere you step is history. We are arguably the original home of the civil rights movement, with its nexus being Dr. King’s home and Ebenezer Baptist Church in the Old Fourth Ward. Not only that, but we have amazing, beautiful, and historic Grant Park just down the street and Oakland Cemetery right next door.
  3. The fun! What are you going to do OTP? Down here, we have the Atlanta Falcons, the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Thrashers, and the Atlanta Braves, plus the Georgia State Panthers. If sports aren’t your thing, you can check out the Atlanta Zoo or hit up the night spots in Underground Atlanta. There are even cutting-edge arts spaces just down the street. Beat that, Alpharetta!
  4. The growth! The BeltLine is slowly but surely changing the face of downtown Atlanta, while living OTP necessitates spending a whole lot of time in the car. Our beloved intown university Georgia State is growing by leaps and bounds, rapidly setting itself apart as a premier urban research campus in a bustling downtown core. And we all know that Atlanta is slowly becoming the Hollywood of the East Coast, with shows like The Walking Dead putting our city on the map. New developments like the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops are offering luxury Atlanta downtown living that’s affordable without compromising on facilities.
  5. The spirit! Maybe Atlanta isn’t the prettiest city in the world or the best-run or the most historic. But we have a history and a passion unparalleled–we are the city that burnt and rose again. We are the “city too busy to hate,” famously, and Atlanta still manages to be incredibly diverse and vibrant. No matter where you go in intown Atlanta, you are sure to feel that same energy…the energy of a city that is constantly in crescendo. I’d take that over a McMansion OTP any day.

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