Historic Fourth Ward Park is Open!

Artist's rendering. We'll get some photos soon!

Remember last month, when we talked about the BeltLine and showed you construction photos of the park they were building in the Old Fourth Ward? Well, apparently with no hoopla whatsoever, the Historic Fourth Ward Park quietly and subtly “opened” over the last few days near the Masquerade and City Hall East. Reports from the city are that the fences and construction crews have left and visitors are slowly but surely filing in to checking out the brand-spankin’-new five-acre park. The park is one of the very first additions to the Atlanta Beltline green project and theĀ first phase of a much larger greenspace that will eventually connect to Ralph McGill Boulevard. It will even include the city’s first public skate park…how cool is that?

You can access the park by Morgan Street, Dallas Street, Edith Street, and Rankin Street. There’s yet to be direct access between the greenspace and the Beltline corridor, but pretty soon the bike trail connecting Decatur Street and Piedmont Park will begin serious construction, meandering through the new park.

Apparently a “grand opening” is planned for later this spring, probably as the planting fill in and the green space actually greens up. The park features a storm water retention pond, a 350-seat natural amphitheatre, and chairs carved by local artistĀ Maria Artemis. No only does the park provide an awesome green space in the heart of intown; it also helps with our sewer system.

According to folks around the web, the park is gorgeous and an asset to the city. The weather is going to be gorgeous for a few more days, so why don’t you take off early this afternoon and go for a stroll through intown’s newest jewel?

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