Paleo Night at Caramba Cafe

Have you heard of the Paleo Diet? It’s been around for years, but lately it’s been getting lots of press from books, TV personalities, blogs, and CrossFit gyms everywhere. The basic concept is eating “paleolithic” foods, that is, foods similar to those humans ate before the advent of agriculture: meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, but no grains, legumes, dairy, or refined, processed foods. Its adherents say it can help you lose weight, get healthy, and improve how you look, feel, and perform in daily life and in your athletic activities.

It’s catching on around Atlanta, so much so that Caramba Cafe has begun offering a special “Paleo Night” menu every Monday at their location in the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops. Along their regular menu offerings, they’ll serve fresh broccoli and cauliflower for dipping in place of chips for salsa and guacamole, and a sugar-free “margarita” that’s just fresh lime, soda water, and tequila. Yow!

After working out at BTB Fitness CrossFit this past Monday night, a few gym friends and I headed over to Caramba to check their paleo menu out. The first item on the menu, “the BTB,” was named after my gym: a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with your choice of ground beef, pulled pork, or pulled chicken, topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, and guacamole. Other items included spring mix salads with fajita meat, tortilla-style soup minus the tortillas and with extra avocado, fresh saut├ęs of meat and veggies, and more.

While we snacked on broccoli dipped in guacamole (which is an amazing combination I never would have thought of!), we looked over the menu. I couldn’t resist a yummy-sounding chile relleno named after my beloved gym, so I ordered the BTB with pulled chicken. It ended up being utterly delicious.

It’s hard to go into a restaurant and get paleo food without having to make plenty of special requests, especially since foods like wheat, sugar, and soybean oil seem to be in everything. Kudos to Mia and the rest of the Caramba family for helping to give the paleo folks around Atlanta another place where a meal doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Horrible mobile camera shot of the Caramba paleo night menu

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