Shreeps Plays the Hill Street Tavern Tonight

Atlanta singer/songwriter Shreeps will be gracing the Hill Street Tavern in downtown Atlanta tonight, June 8, from 7 to 11 PM.

From his artist bio:

Shreeps (Sh-reeps) discovered a passion for singing while growing up in suburban Philadelphia, PA. He then moved to Atlanta, GA where he attended both Emory University (2003) and the Atlanta Institute of Music (2006). After several years fronting & writing with an Atlanta-based rock band, Shreeps branched out in 2010 to re-connect with the singer/songwriter stylings of his past. His songs are forays into self-discovery, self-reflection, & keen social obversations and are often as figurative as they are literal. His lyrics are thoughtful, refined, and occasionally playful and his singing features impressive dynamic range: smooth then gritty, big then subdued. Coupled with his melodic,deft style of guitar playing, his songs come alive with depth and dimension.

Here he is playing live with KeV at Stooges Sports Bar:

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