Review: Fruttela Brings Frozen Yogurt to Inman Park

It’s hot out. Really hot. The kind of hot that makes you stupid and nonfunctional. The kind of hot that makes being outside seem oppressive. The kind of hot that demands frozen treats.

But it is also Bikini Season, and so too many poorly selected frozen treats can have unhappy ramifications. Enter Fruttela. Fruttela opened up in June of 2011 in Highland Walk and brings the tangy frozen yogurt trend to its corner of Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward. Open daily at 11 AM and closing at 10 PM Sunday-Thursday and 11 PM on Friday and Saturday, Fruttela offers self-serve yogurt in flavors ranging from (not so) plain vanilla and chocolate to exotic fruits like soursop and passion fruit. It’s also only 25 calories per ounce, fat free, and made with 100% organic milk!

So today in the heat, we headed over to pick up some froyo. The helpful cashier offered us samples of yogurt flavors to decide what we wanted. I decided on coconut, which sounded tropical and delicious. I then proceeded to top my yogurt with some of the fruit from the self-serve topping station (and with choices like fresh blackberries, papaya, kiwi, mango, blueberries, pineapple, and raspberries, I’m not ashamed to admit I went a little nuts). Yum!

My companions went with vanilla and chocolate, and went nuts with the candy toppings (including tiny peanut butter cups! OMG!) None of us spent more than five bucks, and we got a massive amount of tasty, cold goodness. We sat outside in the ample seating area and enjoyed a brief respite from the summer heat in the shade, listening to the sweet dance music pumping out of Fruttela. After a bit, we felt refreshed, and ready to continue with the day.

As I’ve mentioned, Fruttela also has a really fantastic FourSquare promotion, with 10% off for the Honorable Fruttie Mayor of Fruttela. So, you know, you should probably go there and get on that. Also, they just announced that banana flavored yogurt will be coming soon. Yeah, I may have to become the Fruttie Mayor myself. Thanks for the delicious, Fruttela.

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