Restaurant Review: Lunchtime at Zuma Sushi in the Old Fourth Ward

Last week, we were craving sushi and didn’t feel like driving out to Decatur or Buckhead to get it, so we decided to head over Zuma Sushi & Sake Bar in that little transitional zone between the Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park called Highland Walk. Truth be told, it wasn’t our first time…my friends have been going there for years to take advantage of their daily $15 all-you-can-eat sushi roll lunch special. If you like eating big, it’s a deal that can’t be beaten.

I grabbed the regular sushi menu since I’m more one for sashimi than for rolls. Both extensive and reasonably priced, it gave me lots of options. I eventually went with a choice smattering of sashimi and an excellent seaweed salad. We ogled the sake menu, but it was a bit much for lunchtime. The fish was obviously very fresh and cut amply (one of my biggest pet peeves is when you get tiny pieces of sashimi); the mackerel was particularly good.

Everyone else at the table went with the lunch special, which was tempting even to me. For $15, you get a bowl of miso soup, a green salad with tasty house-made ginger dressing, and your choice of 3 rolls from a fairly long and diverse list, including everything from standards like spicy tuna to more exotic options like a crunchy calamari roll. If you manage to eat all three, you can order a fourth (or more, though I have never seen anybody really pack it in there). The whole team was very pleased with their choices, some of which are pictured below.

All in all, the service is speedy and friendly, the prices are good, the selection is fantastic, and you can’t get more convenient than right on Highland Ave. If you’re looking for sushi in the sushi desert that is downtown Atlanta, you could do much worse than swinging into Zuma.

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