Wheat Street Gardens: “Seriously Magical”

We have a couple of pet topics here on the blog, and one of them is the Old Fourth Ward’s own fantastic urban farm, the Wheat Street Gardens maintained by Truly Living Well. With ground broken just this past December, and CSA offerings begun this April, this pioneering urban garden has changed the way we think about local food in the heart of intown Atlanta.

Well, now Becky, a blogger at Eat Drink Better, has published a fun little tour of the Wheat Street Gardens that gives us a first-hand glimpse of where our hyper-local produce is coming from. It’s located here.

From Becky’s write-up:

A friend and I headed over to the farm to take some photos, and this place is seriously magical. It’s located just off of Auburn Ave in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. The farm does an amazing job of working with the plot’s existing infrastructure, building garden beds around some of the concrete that was in the space before the local urban agricultural center Truly Living Well (TWL) took charge of it.

The blog has a fantastic photo tour, which includes this awesome watermelon:

None of this may seem very impressive. But, remember, we’re talking about right here. Zoom that map out a couple of times. Look at the proximity to the downtown connector. Think about what it means to have a four-acre farm right there…right here in the heart of town. Atlanta is changing. It’s seriously magical.

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