Pumpkin Spice Crazy? Fruttela’s Got You Covered.

Lattes, cakes, candles, even beer. It’s not fall…it’s pumpkin spice season.

Are you a pumpkin spice fanatic? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of Americans find themselves eagerly awaiting the changing of the seasons in order to sample that most fantastic of flavors. In fact, pumpkin-based menu items increased 161 percent over last year, according to restaurant intelligence provider Mintel. As it turns out, we all love pumpkin!

Here in Atlanta, though, we might be having chilly autumnal mornings, but it’s still getting rather warm in the afternoons. What to do when it’s too warm for a latte? Inman Park frozen yogurt outpost Fruttela in Highland Walk has the perfect solution: pumpkin spice froyo, their runaway hit of the season. On their Facebook page, fans have been proclaiming Fruttela’s pumpkin spice to be the best taste in town. Try it with cookie bits!

Not into pumpkin spice? How about dulce de leche, cappucino, tamarind, or one of the many other exotic fall flavors they have on tap? Remember, every Monday is 10% off for students with ID, and Fruttela is open late enough to satisfy even the most craven cravings. So go get yourself some, kid. You earned it.

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