Parish Market is Inman Park’s Lunchtime Hidden Gem

Looking for an affordable, delicious and unique spot to grab lunch in Inman Park? Well look no further! Parish Market, located in the downstairs area of Parish Restaurant, next to the shops and apartments at N. Highland Steel, fits the bill (literally).

After wandering around Inman Park the other day, a hungry friend and I dropped in for a bite. While the upstairs dining area was quietly prepping for the dinner crowd, the downstairs market was buzzing with patrons who knew about the tasty daytime offerings and unique, casually eclectic atmosphere (not to mention the free WI-FI).

Parish Market offers a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads for the lunchtime crowd. They even offer breakfast options until 4:00. All the menu items are outlined on chalkboards in front of the kitchen where you’ll place your order (and likely be tempted by one of the desserts you’ll see) before finding a seat in the market’s communal setting.

And it’s called Parish Market for a reason. In addition to the menu choices, the downstairs area sells a variety of to-go wines, organic breads, sweet treats and unique packaged goods.

My friend and I each enjoyed a truly delicious and carefully prepared $5 half sandwich and cup of soup. Really, $5. And did I mention it was delicious?

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