Help make the Village Theatre’s new Pencil Factory location super!

As we mentioned back in August, the Village Theatre is moving to a shiny new location just down the street at the Pencil Factory Flats and Shops.   In conjunction with the move, the Theatre recently launched a campaign to raise funds to make the new spot, which will have 33% more seating and improv classroom space, truly fantastic.

If you’re familiar with the hilarious Village Theatre, you know the team there has made it a point to keep shows affordable and accessible.  A quick look at their site reveals ticket prices at $5 – $15 – pretty darn nice for an evening of serious giggles.  Accordingly, the Theatre needs some financial love from the community to pay for risers, sound equipment and construction of the stage and bathrooms.

The campaign, which aims to raise $12,000 by December 31, has already generated nearly half that amount in just four short days!   This is no doubt a testament to the Theatre’s quality performances and strong community spirit.   So with 26 days to go and just over $6,000 to raise, here are the details about how you can help – and get VIP tickets to a show at the new location, among other rewards – in return.

Visit the Village Theatre’s fundraising page and check out the donation opportunities on the right side.  You can give any amount from $1 to $2,000.  Donors of $10 and more are thanked with VIP tickets, mugs and even name recognition for the larger donations.  Most importantly, all donors will get the satisfaction of knowing they contributed to the future success of what is sure to continue to be one of downtown Atlanta’s favorite comedy destinations.

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