Learn about Atlanta’s history by visiting landmarks for free!

Phoenix FliesI am an Atlanta native.  So are my parents who were born and raised in the Virginia-Highland/Morningside area and my grandpa who was born in Inman Park in 1920.  But despite my background, there is so much about Atlanta history I still need to learn.  And now I have no excuse as the Atlanta Preservation Center is again hosting “The Phoenix Flies:  A City-Wide Celebration of Living Landmarks.”   The event, which began in 2003 as a way to increase our understanding of Atlanta’s heritage, provides FREE tours of Atlanta’s landmarks over a two-week period.

This year, several new spots have been added to the tours that take place March 10-25.   You can go on a walking tour of Intown neighborhoods like Candler Park and Druid Hills, visit historical landmarks like Oakland Cemetery, The Temple and the Margaret Mitchell House, and participate in a more creative tour like an iPad tour of the Capitol and a bicycle tour of Downtown.  There’s even an “Urban Experience for Children.”  All of the tours are free, but you will want to make a reservation to hold your spot.

I’m thinking I may check out the Ponce City Market Tour to see how the old City Hall East is being transformed as well as the MLK Walking and Birth Home Tour which has been on my list for quite some time (and after which I can conveniently swing by Caramba Café in the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops for a bite – YUM.)

There are too many tours to mention here (approximately 165 during the two-week period), but I encourage you to visit the Atlanta Preservation Center website for a complete list and to reserve your spot today!

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