It’s finally here! The official grand opening of the Village Theatre’s new Pencil Factory digs!

Village TheatreHear ye, hear ye!  The long awaited official grand opening of the Village Theatre’s new location at the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops is happening this weekend – March 23 and 24.

We’ve written about The Village Theatre a couple of times.  We let you know about the theatre’s improv classes and their mission to increase Atlanta’s sense of humor one session at a time – a task that cannot be underestimated.

We’ve of course mentioned the theatre’s irreverent shows like “Danger,” “Family Feud Improv” and “Improv A$$Hole.”

We covered their super successful fundraising effort to make sure the new theatre location had the best seating and sound equipment.  (FYI – They exceeded their $12,000 goal and raised $15,000 in just one month!)

And now we want you to be among the first to check out this hilarious comedy troupe’s new home downtown at 349 Decatur St.  It’s just down the road from the old location, but chock full of shiny newness.

The celebration will last all weekend long, but according to their website (also looking shiny and new) and confirmed by Emily with the Village Theatre team, on Friday, March 23, after the 8:30pm Comedy Live! show, there will be a special FREE 10:30pm Improv Jam show during which any audience member can get up on stage and try out an improv game or two!  Improv Jam will become a weekly event after this weekend’s Friday night show.

But no need to fret if you can’t make this free show – or even this weekend’s events.  All of the Village theatre’s weekly Thursday, Friday and Saturday shows appear to run between $5 and $20.   It’s 2012, people; that’s unheard of!

So how is the Village Theatre’s new location different from its old space?

According to Emily, the theatre has (paraphrased slightly) “…definitely taken a huge step up from its humble beginnings.  The new location has secured and covered parking, true auditorium theatre-style seating, and additional classroom space [for improv classes]. Also, being at the Pencil Factory, our patrons have before & after show dining options including Caramba Cafe and Hill Street Tavern, among others.  And most importantly of all, the new location sells beer and wine.”

The new Village Theatre seats 134 people.  Now go grab a friend (or 133) and book your tickets.

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