Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Attracts Die Hard Foodies

Atlanta Food & Wine FestivalThe Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is not your average springtime festival.  In addition to plenty of eating and drinking, it’s also a weekend of culinary learning from Atlanta’s best chefs, sommeliers, and barbecue pit masters.   If you’re passionate about the food and beverage traditions of the South, this is an event you can’t miss.

The festival is composed of a variety of events including tasting, learning and connoisseur experiences.

These tastings are not your typical random food-sampling experiences.  You’ll walk through themed “tasting trails” exploring seafood, craft beer and Southern snacks and dive deep into the variety each food/drink type has to offer.  If you have a specific food or drink category passion, you will literally eat up these events.

Interested in learning from some of Atlanta’s most well-known chefs?   Take a class!   Let Parish Restaurant’s  (located in N. Highland Steel) Justin Amick teach you how to identify wine through sight, smell and taste alone.  Chef Anne Quatrano will share the story of Star Provisions, (super close to Apex West Midtown) Atlanta’s specialty meat, fish and cheese market.  Anthony Grey and Art Smith of Southern Art and Bourbon Bar present “Lard Have Mercy” Saturday, May 12 and create the best country ham, biscuits and Bloody Marys you’ve ever tasted.   There are dozens of other similarly interesting and delicious classes to choose from so check out the complete class schedule here.

The final event type in the festival is the Connoisseur Experience in which those who pay a premium can experience the best of the festival including breakfast served daily by award-winning chefs, a cocktail hour with master Sommeliers and even a personal concierge to assist with all of their festival needs.

Unlike many of Atlanta’s spring festivals, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is not free.  However, planners have done a nice job in creating packages for participants to purchase tickets for just the events they want to attend making the festival more accessible to foodies on a budget.

There’s a lot of detail involved with this festival (even planning tools to help you build your schedule), so I encourage you to browse the website to find the event or events that meet your culinary needs.  Bon Appétit, y’all.

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