Let Rover run free at one of Atlanta’s great dog parks!

dog parkRover, we hear ya.  You’re inside all day, looking out the window, pleading to get out – and that 5 minute walk to the mailbox on a leash just isn’t gonna cut it.  You need to run free.  You yearn to frolic with other four-legged friends.  Message received.   Here are some great parks we hope your owner reads about. 

Piedmont Dog Park – Located right in beautiful Piedmont Park, even bigger dogs can run free in this off-leash oasis.  And don’t worry about your smaller pup – there’s a separate area for little dogs to enjoy.  Note – we hear there is limited shade, so know it might get a little warm.  Fortunately, doggie drinking water is provided!  (Sorry, humans; it’s BYOW for you.)

Atlantic Station Dog Park – This small off-leash dog park is a great place for Rover to do some roving.  You won’t really be able to play Frisbee here, but your dog (specifically your smaller dog) can definitely do some off-leash exploring.

Railside Dog Park – This Castleberry Hill dog park was created in 2010 by the Castleberry Hill Neighbors Association and is the only Downtown Atlanta off-leash dog park.  You’ll enjoy some great views of downtown while playing fetch with your dog at this great park.

Woodruff Park – This dog-friendly park is a great place to take your pup for a walk, but you must use a leash.  Take Rover for a walk through Atlanta’s financial district where he can explore the lovely fountains and sculptures.

If you’re really lucky, you live in a community that has a dog park on the premises.  No special trip needed here.  At complexes like Monroe Place and Highland Walk, your dog park is literally in your backyard.

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