Skinbar at Melange offers high quality facial services at a price you can afford

It was more than three months ago when I wrote about the great deals Melange Hair Studio was offering for hair services.  In that post I mentioned my plan to write about the salon again once I was able to experience Melange’s skincare services and get my first ever facial.  And here we are…

Previously known as Facebar, the Skinbar at Melange (as it is now known) has been located inside Melange Hair Studio for about 2.5 years.   It is visible from just about anywhere in the salon, which hints at the primary differentiator between Melange’s facial services and the services you might get at a spa.  I’ll explain this in more detail later on in the post.


Rachelle Johnson, who has worked as an aesthetician at Melange for two years, greeted me and a friend upon our arrival at the Skinbar.  She asked us to fill out a short (1/2 page) form which included a few questions about skin issues we might be having and the medication we were taking so that she would able to provide a safe, enjoyable and customized experience for each of us.   I also mentioned to her that this would be my first facial – and admittedly, I was a little nervous!

As I mentioned earlier in the post, and as you can see in the photos below, the Skinbar at Melange is situated in the main area of the salon, so you won’t be whisked off to a private room with candles and new age music for your procedure.   I want to be clear though, you will absolutely feel pampered as you receive your facial services at Melange, but it is their efficient approach that makes it possible for them to offer such affordable prices.  This set up is ideal for me.  I want my money to go toward exfoliation and extractions – I can light candles on my own.

In keeping with the cut-to-the-chase spirit, here’s what my facial included:

  1. Microdermabrasian – Again, this was my first facial, so I really didn’t know what to expect from microderm.  Rachelle described it perfectly and I quote, “It feels like an aggressive cat licking your face.”  Exactly!  Since this was my first time, Rachelle kept Melange’s new diamond-tip machine (same kind as you will find in a doctor’s office) on a lower level, but the machine is fully adjustable to perform at the level that is right for you.   And for any other microderm novices out there, the benefits of microderm range from general exfoliation to acne scar treatment.
  2. Steam treatment – After the microderm, I sat at the true “SkinBAR” in front of a warm, moist air steamer for about 10 minutes.  The steam opens your pores in preparation for the next step…
  3. Extractions – Rachelle used her magic tools to remove any dirt, debris or blackheads.   Enough said.
  4. Hydrating/Calming Mask – Rachelle applied a facial mask to assist with hydration levels and calm any redness following microderm and extractions.  Note – I have pretty sensitive skin and experienced no redness or irritation.  In fact, I was able to apply makeup immediately following my facial and go straight to a meeting.   Not a bad way to spend a lunch break!


Finally, after taking in our background information and working on our skin, Rachelle recommended products for both of us and was able to provide me with a sample of one so I could try it before purchasing.   Skinbar at Melange uses Dermatologica products, a high-quality line focused on skin health.


All told, the package I received runs approximately $60 and takes roughly an hour to complete.   All services can be performed a la carte as well – and the Skinbar at Melange offers a several other services.  Rachelle can recommend the right facial treatment for you based on your skin type, lifestyle and budget.

Melange and Skinbar at Melange are located at 349 Decatur St. in the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops.


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