A Food Fight for a Great Cause!

Food Fight Camp Twin Lakes

If you ever went to camp, you know food fights can break out when you least expect them.  At my camp, food fights were NOT encouraged and participating in one led only to cleaning the dining hall from top to bottom.   But I want to tell you about a different kind of food fight – one in which participation leads only to great things — and you won’t get a spec of bug juice on your shirt. 

From June 1-August 31, several of your favorite Atlanta restaurants are participating in “Food Fight for Camp Twin Lakes.”   During this time, restaurants including McKendrick’s Steak House at Perimeter, Breadwinner Café and Bakery in Sandy Springs, Parish Foods & Goods in Inman Park’s N. Highland Steel and all locations of Taco Mac will feature a camp-inspired menu item.  Diners are encouraged to order the special item as a portion of the proceeds from the dish’s sales will go to support Camp Twin Lakes, a camp for kids with serious illnesses and disabilities in Rutledge, Georgia.   After you enjoy your camp-themed entrées, vote for your favorites using the s’more rating scale and you’ll be entered into a drawing for prizes.

That’s it.  Eat.  Vote.  Support local restaurants.  Send special kids to camp.

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