My visit to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market – and why you need to plan yours!

While scheduling a lunch date with a friend last week, I suggested we try the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.  Neither of us had been before and it was right around the corner from my friend’s office.  Additionally, after seeing the recent news coverage about the Sweet Auburn Historic District being named as an “endangered historic place” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, I was curious to see at least one part of the area, the Market, for myself.

Upon arrival, I was able to park in the lot immediately adjacent to the market.  It’s a pay lot, but the first hour is free with validation from any of the vendors in the market – great start!

Following my easy parking experience, I walked in to what appeared to be the main market entrance.  I was immediately greeted by the first vendor, Miss D’s New Orleans Pralines, who offered me a sample of delicious cheese and caramel popcorn.  It was love at first bite.  So far, so good.

While enjoying my little appetizer, I began to walk around the market to get a feel for what it is all about.  In short, the place is fantastic.  The Market includes a mix of raw food merchants (fruits, veggies, meats), non-food vendors including a flower shop and a bookstore, and several restaurants offering a variety of food options.  See the complete list of merchants here.  It’s the perfect place to meet friends or coworkers for lunch – everyone can select the food they want – barbecue, burritos, burgers, salads, even a piece of fresh fruit — and then sit in one of the communal seating areas.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Once I met up with my friend, we took a lap around the place to decide what each of us wanted for lunch.  My friend made a b-line for Grindhouse Killer Burgers.    He had heard good things and wanted to experience it for himself.  His order – Yankee Style burger, onion rings, and a chocolate peanut butter milkshake.  Wow.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

I wanted something on the lighter side, so after placing his order and paying, we walked around and found the Rawesome Juicery, whose menu includes fresh smoothies, juices and salads.   After chatting some with the very friendly employees there, I selected the Rawesome Chop salad.    We were also offered a sample of the healthy juice of the day, after which my friend ordered a cup to wash down his burger – while I went back to Grindhouse to get a diet Coke.   It’s all about balance, people.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Once we both had our food, we found a place to sit, eat and catch up.    Both of us enjoyed our meal and agreed we’d go again and try some of the other restaurants including Bell Street Burritos and Sweet Auburn Barbecue, which I have enjoyed previously at the Atlanta Food Truck Park near Apex West Midtown.

All in all, this place is really great.  Upon doing some additional research for this post, I saw articles indicating the arrival of a new ice cream vendor, High Road Ice Cream.  I hope to see more articles like this in the future, as I think the market, which has been around since 1923, has all the ingredients for continued success.  I will say it would be nice to see a couple of things: additional healthy restaurant options, perhaps some entertainment during the lunch hour and a sprucing up of the interior and exterior – flowers, signage, etc.   (Think LA Farmer’s Market if you’ve been.)

For now, I strongly encourage you to check out the Sweet Auburn Curb Market as well as the other businesses in the historic Sweet Auburn district.  The market is located at 209 Edgewood Ave. – just half a mile from the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops and a third of a mile from Georgia State University.

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