Top 10 ways to stay cool AND have fun this weekend

weather forecastAccording to my iPhone weather forecast, Atlanta will be hitting triple-digit temperatures this weekend.

Friday 102°, Saturday 106°, Sunday 100°.   There are no words.

But it is the weekend.  You worked hard to get here.   And you can’t soak in that ice bath all day.  So here are the 10 ways you can stay cool and have fun this weekend.   

10.  Three words – Fruttela Frozen Yogurt in Highland Walk.   Create your own creamy, cool treat and polish it off with your favorite toppings.  Yum-O.

9.  Got kids?  Take them to cool off in the Historic Fourth Ward Park Splash Pad!

8.  Immerse yourself in AC by taking in a movie at Regal Cinemas Atlantic Station.

7.  Laugh so hard you forget it’s hot.  Catch an improv show at the Village Theatre in the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops.

6.  Park it on the couch and watch the 2012 Olympic Trials on TV.

5.  Impervious to the heat?   Ok, tough guy.   Participate in the Tour de Fat bicycle event in Historic Fourth Ward Park Saturday from 9:00-4:00.

4.  Lucky enough to live in the apartments at Monroe PlaceHighland WalkN. Highland Steel, the Pencil Factory or Apex West Midtown?   The community pool will no doubt be the place to be this weekend.

3.  Heat bringing out your cultured side?   Get your art on at the High Museum.

2.  When in doubt, drink some beer!   Take a tour of the SweetWater Brewery.

1.  Whatever you do this weekend, stay cool and safe.  100+ degree temps are no joke, people.   Drink water, wear sunscreen and remember – in just a few short months we’ll be complaining about how cold it is.

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