Cast your vote for the Best of Atlanta!

Best of Atlanta 2013Got a favorite Atlanta radio station, breakfast spot, food truck, bartender, dog park or nightclub?   Well now is your chance to show your love!  Jezebel Magazine recently opened up the voting for the Best of Atlanta 2013 and the prestigious titles are yours to determine.

Voting categories include Fashion & Style, At Home, Good Eats, Out on the Town, Around the City, Four-legged Friends, Tying the Knot, Health & Beauty, Personalities, Best Online, and TV & Radio.

Each category contains a variety of specific “bests” for which to cast your vote.  For example, “Good Eats” includes a spot to vote for the best burger, best pizza and best new chef, among others.   And the field is literally wide open.  Voters can type in the name of their “best” to vote – no selecting from any predetermined list.  So feel free to vote for the person, place or thing in Atlanta YOU think is best.

Here are some of the votes we at ATLIntownLiving will be casting:

Make your voice heard and support your Atlanta faves.  Vote now!

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