Summer Fitness Deal Alert!

X3 SportsSummer officially begins Friday.  And if you’re like me, you’re wishing you had worked out a little harder before bathing suit season was upon us.  But, alas, we cannot turn back the hands of time.  We can, however, shift our workouts in to high gear to make up for lost time!

And good news on that front – X3 Sports, our favorite martial arts and kickboxing fitness facility, is offering a pretty fantastic Living Social deal to spice up your exercise regimen.  For just $20, you can get a month of unlimited kickboxing, boxing, and Fast Track classes!   $20!  Want even more good news?  The 55-minute sessions are suitable for participants of all abilities.  Plus, the offer is good at all three X3 locations – Inman Park at N. Highland Steel, West Midtown across the street from Apex West Midtown, and Marietta. 

Fast Track classes blend cardio and circuit training while using kettlebells and resistance bands while the boxing and kickboxing classes focus on refining your punching and kicking techniques and toning your muscles.  Master the class or your choice or try all three – it’s up to you.

You have just 4 more days to purchase the offer so grab it now!

PS – X3’s latest blog post debunks some of the some of the most common kickboxing myths.  Take a look in preparation for your class!

X3 Sports


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