Village Theatre Level 1 Improv Classes Start July 9th

Village TheatreYou’re funny.   Your friends think you’re funny.  Your family usually thinks you’re funny.  But have you ever thought about turning your natural talent into something that could entertain on the stage?  If so, or if you’re just looking for a way to meet great people while having a fun experience that stretches your comfort zone, sign up for Level 1 Improv Classes at the Village Theatre downtown!

The class runs eight weeks and teaches participants the concepts of warm up and trust, and the principles of agreement and group mind.   After mastering the concepts, students learn how to implement them on stage as they prepare for a graduation show!  Family and friends are invited to watch the graduates perform.

The Fundamentals Class costs $200 and is limited to 12 students.  Classes take place on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30 beginning July 9.  Secure your spot by signing up today!

Watching improv more your thing?

If you see yourself more in the audience than on the stage, the Village Theatre has something for you too.

Thursday, June 27, at 8:30pm catch Danger! The Show.   Tickets are just $5.

Friday, June 28, it’s Armando at 8:30pm for $10 followed by Comnerdy Stand Up at 11:00 for $5.

Saturday, June 29, catch:

  • Improv A** Hole at $8:30pm for $10
  • VT Improv League at 11:00pm for $5
  • 1am Secret Show FREE

Wrap up the weekend Sunday, June 30, with Chalk Outline at 5pm for $5.

The shows really are hysterical.  And at prices that are cheaper than going to the movies, it’s really a no-brainer.  Do something different this weekend, Atlanta!   Tickets are available on the Village Theatre website.

The Village Theatre is located at 349 Decatur St. at the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops.  Enjoy FREE parking when you come for a show or a class!

Village Theatre

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