Dine Poolside at the Pencil Factory Flats & Shops!

Pencil FactoryResidents of downtown Atlanta’s Pencil Factory apartments are lucky to have a fantastic pool to enjoy on hot summer days.  And this summer, the relaxing got even easier.  Pencil Factory sunbathers can now get food from five of their neighborhood restaurants to enjoy right on their lounge chairs!

Caramba Café, the Drafting Table Pub, Chow Bing, Intown Market and Marlee’s Coffee & Tea House have come together to create the Pencil Factory Poolside Menu.  All summer long, Pencil Factory residents and their guests can simply call the restaurant of their choice, place an order, and grab https://www.ncmh.info/valium-diazepam/ their food just steps away from the pool.  Some of the participating restaurants will even deliver!

Each restaurant has selected specific items for inclusion on the poolside menu.  Highlights include Caramba Café’s burrito/taco/enchilada platter, Chow Bing’s grilled chicken bing roll, the Drafting Table Pub’s burger and fries, Intown Market’s vegetarian black bean wrap, and Marlee’s tasty sweets including cookies, muffins and cupcakes.

The menu is available for lunch and dinner, though specific hours may vary by restaurant.

Download the menu here and enjoy your summer at the Pencil Factory!

Pencil Factory Pool


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