Save a life in less than an hour without spending a penny

American Red CrossLast week I was fortunate to participate in a tour of the metro Atlanta headquarters of the American Red Cross.  The purpose of the tour was to educate participants on the Red Cross’s five key lines of service — disaster response, assistance to the armed forces, CPR & first aid training, international services, and, of course, blood services.

The tour walked us through the important work done in all five lines of service, but no area struck me more than the blood donation area.   Specifically, I was continually confounded by the numbers.  In short, the Red Cross is in a constant fight to have enough blood and blood products to meet its needs.  Our speaker mentioned that every two seconds someone needs a blood product — and you really never know when that person could be you or someone you love.   It occurred to me that especially in a down economy, donating blood is the ideal way to give!  It costs nothing but a little bit of your time and can literally save a life. Continue reading

6 tips to get motivated and stay motivated in your workout

Ok people.  It’s mid-February.  How’s that resolution to get fit going for you?   If you’re like most people, staying motivated to exercise on a regular basis does not come easy.  Fortunately, our friends at X3 Sports are here to help.  They recently published an expert guide outlining six tips for getting motivated and staying motivated in your workout.   You can have the guide emailed to you for free through the X3 Sports blog.  Here’s what you’ll learn: Continue reading

Support Atlanta’s four-legged friends in the new year

DogThis time of year, it’s common to spend some time thinking about ways we can give back to the community.  Last week, we told you about the importance and ease of giving blood.   This week, we’ll talk to the pet lovers, who simply must check all that is happening at the Atlanta Humane Society.  Whether you choose to volunteer, adopt or donate, there are so many ways to give to Atlanta’s furriest residents. Continue reading

4 tips for staying in shape this holiday season

Pumpkin PieThe holidays can be an especially tough time to stay on your diet or exercise program.  So many events; so many tasty treats!   So, before you head to the first of many holiday gatherings, here are four tips to help you stay in shape while still enjoying this special time of year. Continue reading

Let Rover run free at one of Atlanta’s great dog parks!

dog parkRover, we hear ya.  You’re inside all day, looking out the window, pleading to get out – and that 5 minute walk to the mailbox on a leash just isn’t gonna cut it.  You need to run free.  You yearn to frolic with other four-legged friends.  Message received.   Here are some great parks we hope your owner reads about.  Continue reading

Get Farmers’ Market Fresh, Atlanta!

farmers marketThere’s something special about heading to the local farmer’s market to pick up your fruits and veggies.  Coming face-to-face with the people who nurtured them, seeing the beautiful foods displayed outside of a supermarket setting…  makes you appreciate nature’s amazing process of transforming a tiny seed into a delicious fruit or vegetable.

In Atlanta, there are several places to get your fruits and veggies directly from their growers.  Here are a few of our favorites: Continue reading