Top 10 ways to stay cool AND have fun this weekend

weather forecastAccording to my iPhone weather forecast, Atlanta will be hitting triple-digit temperatures this weekend.

Friday 102°, Saturday 106°, Sunday 100°.   There are no words.

But it is the weekend.  You worked hard to get here.   And you can’t soak in that ice bath all day.  So here are the 10 ways you can stay cool and have fun this weekend.    Continue reading

Let Rover run free at one of Atlanta’s great dog parks!

dog parkRover, we hear ya.  You’re inside all day, looking out the window, pleading to get out – and that 5 minute walk to the mailbox on a leash just isn’t gonna cut it.  You need to run free.  You yearn to frolic with other four-legged friends.  Message received.   Here are some great parks we hope your owner reads about.  Continue reading